Becoming the Hero in Your Own Story

Becoming the Hero in Your Own Story

We’re taught from an early age that superheroes are out there, meant to protect and serve in a fantastic sort of way. They are beings that are supposed to save us from any possible harm that could come our way. If darkness falls on the day, a superhero is the one who’s going to push it back, and make us feel safe again.

Well, we know the superheroes in capes and tights may not be real, and we can be grateful that there are real heroes out there protecting our lives and freedoms everyday. But what about the idea of being your own personal hero? Not just any hero – a superhero. It may sound cliche, but becoming a superhero of your life, and your story, is more than just an old saying.

Being your own hero essentially means you’re dropping the attitude of needing to be saved by someone else. Most people who feel unmotivated, and even depressed, are waiting for someone to come rescue them. While some conditions to require extra help, more often than not, our lack of motivation and desire to do more comes from the idea that we are limited in what we can do.

So, we wait for others to do it for us. We watch others cross the finish line before us, finish a project before us, and shout out the great ideas before us. All the while, we’re waiting for help, because we feel held back by our own self-doubt and inhibitions.

It may sound easier said than done, acting as a superhero in your own life story. But, the good news is, you can start off small, and work your way up to full-fledged hero status within your world. Think about a small task that may have been looming over you for quite some time now. Create a list of things required from you to get that task done, and don’t be afraid to be specific. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, but you lack the motivation, or feel as though it could never be possible because of age, injury, etc., simply start small: Get out of bed. Have a cup of coffee – have two! Take the first step. Take another. Walk a mile. Run a mile. Run two miles, etc.

The bottom line is, superheroes don’t have to by mystical, mythical beings when it comes to our personal lives. Batman didn’t become Batman in a day, after all. When you discover that hero within, and let them grow within you over time, no goal will feel so heavy and impossible. Being the ‘master of your fate, and captain of your soul’ might be a great mantra, but being the hero of your story is putting that mantra into action everyday. Instead of running into burning buildings and saving the world from impending destruction, what you may find is that you can save yourself, and if you have the willingness and strength to do that, there is nothing more heroic.