Facing Your Fears and Thriving Outside Your Comfort Zone

Facing Your Fears and Thriving Outside Your Comfort Zone

We all end up being stuck in it for too long at some point, but it’s good to realize that the comfort zone is only an illusion of happiness. If you refuse to change and choose to stay in it, you can hold back your own personal growth as you go through life, not to mention the extent of inner pressure you will feel as you desperately try to hold on to your convictions.

It would be a lie to tell you how you will feel incredible when you step out of your comfort zone and that only pleasant experiences await. It’s not like that, it’s called comfort zone for a reason, and the majority of things that happen to you on the other side usually fill you with anxiety and stress.

In other words, it won’t feel comfortable when it starts happening, but in the long run it will toughen you up. Here are some benefits that you are definitely going to experience if you face your fears and step out of your comfort zone.

Become Equipped To Cope Better In The Future

One of the first positive things that you’ll find out is that fear of failure is mostly in your head. If you experience failure and sorrow and see that it wasn’t as devastating as you originally thought it would be, you won’t be as afraid as you were before. It doesn’t mean you should completely embrace failure, but as your fear of failure subsides, the inner pressure will disappear along with it, and you’ll be more likely to succeed as a result. You’ll still feel disappointed when things don’t go as you intended, but you will no longer cave in and be afraid to try a different approach next time.

Basically, you need to view each failure as an opportunity to become stronger and wiser. If you end up embarrassing yourself, you can always find comfort in the fact that we live in an age where new exciting content comes out on a daily basis.

Our memory is flushed out as we receive new information, and with so much news about celebrities and so many cat videos circulating on social media, it’s impossible to keep up with what happened a week ago to someone we don’t even know.

Become Who You Really Are

Unless you expose yourself to different challenges you can’t know who you really are. Sure we have various scenarios in our head about how we would behave in a certain situation, but the reality can be vastly different than what we would imagine. Maybe you are more of an introvert and shy away from a stressful situation, but people who brag all the time are no more capable than you.  In fact, it’s often their own coping mechanism for their own incompetence, real or imagined. You owe it to yourself to get to know the real you, and even though that person may not be as great as you would like him or her to be, it is surely better than the one you are allowing the world to see.

Moreover, as you try new things you will gain a better understanding of why you like something or why you don’t. You will form your own opinions and develop the ability to defend them, and you won’t be perceived as someone who just follows popular beliefs or trends. This is how you figure out exactly what you want from life. You will create better goals and be willing to not only just go through life, but GROW through life.

Become More Confident

One of the best rewards from stepping out of your comfort zone is obtaining more confidence. Once you truly know your limits, and once you know what to expect in a certain situation, you’ll be able to feel more composed, and stress will no longer be an issue. As you overcome your fears, you are gaining the strength to endure what comes your way. Your confidence builds up as you continue to obtain knowledge and experience. So go ahead…take a deep breath and make moves to free yourself from your imaginary prison, and remember, “a cage with no bars is still a cage if we allow it to be”.