Create Your Monthly Grocery Budget

Many of you have downloaded our free “5 Strategies To Build Your Bank Balance” guide and we applaud you for your continued interest in learning more about getting your finances on track.  Like we mentioned before, we speak from experience and share our ups and downs to help others to not make the same mistakes that we’ve made.  The strategies we shared are those that we had to learn on our own and applied to our own financial situation and it worked for us.  I’ve created a monthly grocery budget chart that can assist you in developing your budget for your household.  This is the time of year when many begin to look at saving and creating budgets to start off the new year!  I remember when I looked at our grocery spending and wondered how to actually come up with a fair amount to target to ensure I am making sure that my purchases would not only be within our budget but also include the necessary nutrients for my family as well.  We have a household of two adults and two growing boys and my boys LOVE TO EAT.  I knew that I had to come up with a plan that would be satisfactory so that I didn’t keep hearing “MOM…I’m hungry!”


So I went online and began to do a little research on being more frugal.  I came up with a list of certain foods to consider buying in bulk.  This was difficult for me at first because we all know how everyone looks for convenience in today’s world.  I saw that dry beans were a suggestion, but I knew that it took dry beans a while to prepare and cook,  so I first started off with can beans.  I realized that I really didn’t like the flavor of the canned beans nor did my husband or kids.  Even with putting in my own seasoning, we  just didn’t like the flavor of canned beans.   I finally decided to call my grandmother and ask her for her recipe for the beans she used to cook when I was a little girl growing up.  Every day she had a pot of beans on the stove cooking and they always tasted so good.  She made pinto beans often and so I decided to experiment with those first.  It seemed that I could never really get my beans to taste quite like my grandmother’s but they were still good!  I later decided to explore more types of beans and found that I was able to come up with some pretty tasty beans with my choice of seasoning and herbs.  Because of us being in a hurry some days, I decided to make enough beans for me to freeze so that I could heat them up on other days and this worked perfectly for our family.


When I went online to do my research, I discovered information provided by the United States Department of Agriculture that assisted me in putting together my own chart to follow for my family’s monthly grocery spending budget. When it came to creating our actual budget to make sure we stayed within the range, we did our research and found that financial advisor, Dave Ramsey, suggested a low of 5% and a high of 15% of monthly income and CNBC suggested a low of 9% and a high of 14% of monthly income.  Even if the suggested monthly income percentage amount was calculated to be over the maximum on the chart, we knew not to go over the chart’s maximum in order to assist with the obtainment of our financial goal.


I used the USDA’s publicly listed food plan chart to assist in developing my own chart that I will share with you.  I’ve updated the numbers since a more current chart is now available.  This Monthly Grocery Budget Chart breaks down the numbers for family households that consist of just one individual and goes up to a household of 10.  Do your research and see what works best for you and your family, but this is the route we decided to take to help with our financial goals!  I always find it helpful to have some type of idea and I hope it can be a great reference for you too!  Enjoy!


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