A lot Can Happen In A Year…And It Did

The year 2020 has come and gone and although there were so many negatives, there also seemed to be some much needed positives in my life that I, in a way, was “forced” to address.  I don’t believe I would have taken the time to actually go through the “true process” of healing wounds from my past if the busyness of the world continued to distract me from tackling the on-going “triggers”. I felt such deep feelings that I never knew I had the capacity to feel,  but I’m grateful for it.   The lesson I learned is that you don’t really “heal” until you “feel” all that comes with it.

In the past, when the “triggers” came, I would sweep what I felt under the rug and keep it moving.  One day, I was hit with something very painful and it forced me into finally resolving what was at the root of this inner turmoil.  I found that I could no longer “pretend”. I could no longer hide the tears from the pain. I actually became bothered with myself because I could no longer “act” like everything was okay.  During this process, I became acutely aware that what I was feeling was not isolated to only me. This inner inspection guided me to discover so much. 

Everything that we go through, really does happen for a reason.  It’s up to us to do what we’re supposed to do with it.  I’m amazed at how GOD orchestrated it all.  All along, HE placed people on my path who assisted me with this journey. The timing of the unexpected phone calls, visits, in-person conversations with those who were “just like me” and the thoughtful cards and gifts that came “at the right time”.  HE continued to remind me all along that HE had me completely covered. 

So many share how they see all of the good that goes on in my life, but what really moves me is when someone shares how they can recall witnessing the discipline and obedience required to experience it.  Our GOD is so good. I realize now, that HE started preparing me 10 years prior to my painful encounter that triggered this journey.  What’s amazing is that HE made sure that someone was always there to witness HIS work each time.

GOD has a purpose for each of us on this earth.  It’s not our purpose, it’s GOD’s purpose. The purpose HE has for us plays a major part in helping to create a “heaven” here on earth.  There is so much healing needed at this time.  I understood long ago there was a purpose HE had for me, but the time finally came for me to break through one last barrier that was holding me back.  I’m so thankful for the strength and the courage HE gave me to finally conquer it.

As I mentioned, 2020 was a year that brought us so many negatives but it was also a year that opened my eyes to see things much more clearly. Stay tuned to my upcoming blog posts where I’ll begin to share and maybe even shed some light on what may seem to be uncomfortable topics for many.  Together we can ensure that 2021 can be a step forward towards living the life that we were each created to live.