Mean or Misunderstood? Respond With Your Heart


Having a difficult time dealing with a mean person?  It’s happened to many of us but I’ve found the best way to deal with what “appears” to be a mean person, is to just be nice to them.  You never know a person’s past.  Some people have never experienced true genuine love or had true genuine friendships.   If their behavior gets to be too much to take, then you just might have to step back to love them from a distance.  It’s one thing to be nice but it’s another to be so nice to where it begins to affect your own well being.


There are many who have some type of deep hurt in the past or they might even be covering up a secret.  Sometimes they have insecurity issues that have absolutely nothing to do with you, so we should not take their meanness personally.


Depending on where they’re at in their lives, they might not be ready to get close to anyone. Sometimes they feel that if they allow others to get too close, their weakness could possibly be exposed and they just don’t want to be in a position where they could possibly lose control of their feelings.

Some of these people might behave this way in order to block close interaction.  The brashness gives them in a sense, a form of  protection. They might feel that if you like them, you’ll probably want to get close to them. Their fear is if they allow you to get too close, you might begin to ask them too many questions that could make them begin to feel  a bit uncomfortable.  This results in them feeling as if they could maybe lose some of their control.


The best way that I’ve found to handle these misunderstood people is by just loving them. I began to realize that they eventually come around when they finally discover their own happiness and once they are motivated to finally change. Sometimes this happens when they discover what love truly is from someone who comes into the picture and helps them to change.


I learned to never challenge these people and to just think with my heart when dealing with them. I would try to understand them from a distance and just focus on leading by example.  The best part of my experience in handling mean people is when they come to me at a later time in their lives to thank me for always showing them genuine love.  Sometimes they even want to share what they were going through and apologize.  These moments are priceless and are a reassurance that we all have what it takes to help change one life at a time with our love and kindness.


The next time you experience unkind behavior from a “mean” person, remember to not take it personal.  You are not the one that they really have a problem with. Once they discover their happiness and learn more about themselves, they’ll probably come around to being one of the nicest people you’ll ever have the opportunity to know.