Recognizing and Eliminating Your Limited Beliefs


Without getting too complicated about limited beliefs, we’ll assume that you understand everyone has varying belief systems. But these belief systems don’t always have to do with politics and spirituality, they do with daily life. For example, you may have tried to catch a bee when you were a child and got stung. The sting was painful, and now you believe that when you touch bees, you will experience pain. This is a positive belief and it protects you.


Limited beliefs are quite the opposite. They filter our reality and make our perceptions inaccurate. While everyone views situations differently, having limited beliefs will greatly restrict our ability to see and understand other views that may be more factual than ours.


Unfortunately, those with limited beliefs often never realize they’re living in a jaded reality because they think the way they see things is the right way. This can be especially dangerous when applied to ourselves. For example, what everyone else sees as a great success, we might see as a mediocre goal reached or even a failure. Because limited beliefs will truly restrain our success, we need to find a way to recognize and overcome them.


Consider when you plan your goals for the day. Are your plans made with negative thoughts and language? For example, when planning to speak in a meeting, do you set the goal, “I won’t screw up the presentation today?” Or do you set the goal, “Today, I’m going to do my very best at giving the perfect presentation?” Next, look at the way you track your results. Do you congratulate your performance? Do you celebrate when you reach milestones? Or do you focus on what you didn’t get accomplished and maintain a negative attitude toward your performance the next day?


Once we understand that we have a limited belief system, we can work toward overcoming it. This isn’t easy, as our belief systems are developed through our life experiences and are greatly influenced by the people we grow up around. But focusing your mind on the positive, practicing keeping your mind open and allowing yourself some breathing room and even breaking the habit of immediately going for your limited beliefs will help you overcome this restraint. Once you find the source, you can combat the limited belief with a counter belief. Instead of saying, “I’m a bad presenter,” remind yourself of all of the other times you gave beautiful presentations.


Eliminating limited beliefs is a difficult task because they are so ingrained in our minds that it takes lifelong practice to combat them. That said, it absolutely can and should be done. We are all our own worst critics, but being too hard on ourselves prevents us from truly ever being successful. Once you realize this, you’re already on your way to eliminating your limited beliefs and becoming the outstanding person you truly can be.


Living a life of limitations is not the life we were created to live.  Take a moment to analyze your belief system and your way of living.  Being “set” in your ways can leave you in a position of being at a “standstill” in your life and you can really miss out on opportunities that are just waiting to be handed over to you!  Renewing your way of thinking and pursuing personal development can assist us in overcoming many of the limited beliefs we might have developed at a young age.  The good thing about this is that it’s not too late and now is the perfect opportunity to change so that you can really live the life you were destined to live!