Shyra not only operates her own marketing agency , but she has a passion to help aspiring entrepreneurs to get their own businesses up and running.  In her book,  “Don’t Quit Your Day Job… 7 Steps to Discover & Launch Your Passions Into Profits While You’re Still Employed”, Shyra shares some of her very own life lessons experienced in her journey to entrepreneurship.

Her multifaceted skill-set, varied creativeness and business background make her highly sought after. She has a deep passion for inspiring others to self-discover and achieve their greatest potential in life. Overcoming obstacles in her own life, Shyra teaches others that they can obtain the accomplishment of bringing their own dreams to reality just as she did. These obstacles were learning experiences that she used to enhance her arsenal.

Shyra has been married to her husband, Howard for over 16 years and they have two sons, ages 15 and 11. As a mentor, Shyra believes in fostering spirit and purpose, integrating personal development and cultivating a heart centered partnership with her clients.

When she’s not working or spending quality time with her family and friends, she enjoys traveling, experiencing new restaurants, engaging into inspirational books and movies, and letting her creativity loose in the kitchen. One of the greatest joys Shyra has is investing into the lives of our future by dedicating her time and energy into the non-profit youth sports organization she and her husband founded six years ago.

Start-up Session


You are:

An aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a new business but don’t know where to start


What you will get: 

Execution plan

This session is designed to identify the business you’d like to start as well as reviewing the market.

Duration: 1 hour
150.00 USD


Build My Enterprise Intensive Session

You are: 

Overwhelmed with what to do and where to start


What you will get: 

A comprehensive and holistic plan that eliminates obstacles and turns fear into action

Easy goal setting strategies for exponential growth

Techniques to tackle limiting beliefs and develop confidence

Business set-up processes that will save you time and money

This session is designed to cut through all the noise and focusses on nailing down the smart steps to overcome obstacles that interfere with the growth and progression of your life and business.

Duration: 1hr and 30 min
247.00 USD


Business Optimization Session

You are: 

About to start your own business or are established but know that you could be saving yourself time and money


What you will get:

Actionable strategies that will assist your business to run optimally

This session is to help you discover and explore the different technologies and strategies that will help you optimize your business for efficiency and effectiveness.

Duration: 1 hour
350.00 USD


What This Book Is About

If you've always wanted to start your own business but don't know where to start, this short straight forward book will give you some foundational, fundamental and practical insights on what it actually takes to get there - while you're still employed. It will help you: shift out of your employee mindset and into an entrepreneur's mindset; uncover your natural gifts and talents; and give you a few nuts and bolts on the "behind the scenes" work that must be done in order to get your business up and running.

You'll Discover...

...How to tap into your joy and cultivate passion so it fuels your life.

...Why having goals is not enough unless you have this one driving factor.

...You can actually create a lifestyle around your business.

Who This Book Is For

This book was written with the aspiring entrepreneur in mind; the person who has a burning desire to create a lifestyle beyond the "daily 9-5 grind". This book will resonate with you if you're driven to achieve something great in life and know there's a higher calling for you. We trust you will enjoy it. Thank you for reading.

Shyra has an incredible drive to develop solutions where others thought that no solutions existed. She’s taught many on how to overcome obstacles in their life in order to bring their dreams to reality. It’s time to live the life that you really DO want and stop allowing yourself to stay around the toxicity that is keeping you from making YOU happen!

With the step by step methodology that she teaches, it will certainly ease your navigation through the minefield. Not only can she teach you how to bring your ideas to fruition, she also provides resources to assist in the efforts to reach the goals you are aiming towards. Whether it’s personal or professional mentoring you are seeking, Shyra Smith has helped many overcome obstacles that are interfering with the growth and progression of their lives and businesses.

Sometimes you may know where you want to go or where you want to be but just get stuck in a limiting belief system, ineffective habits or an inability to stay focused. Shyra is known for teaching step by step methods to better assist in achieving one’s goals.

Speaking Topics

* The Self Discovery Journey

* Goal Setting Made Easy

* Overcoming The Limiting Belief System

* Transitioning From Employee Into Entrepreneurship

* How To Build Confidence


Shyra is an Excellent business person an exceptional Leader and performer. I have attended many of her hosted events and consulted her services to assist a mutual client of ours. Her Work ethic and professionalism are unmatched and ranked among a chosen few. Her specific attention to detail and creative solutions for her clients will set you up for success. I highly recommend Shyra. In every approach, she proceeds with passion and excellence.

Milton Schmidt

Shyra shows you how to be successful one step at a time. She’s patient and understanding, but at the same time, will hold you accountable for what you are doing. She has a very high work ethic. She has helped, inspired, and guided me with steps to get my business up and running. It’s in the baby stage, but she doesn’t choke me with a lot of stuff at once, she only gives me what I’m needing bit by bit until that goal is reached, then she gives me another goal to reach out to. She is an encourager and a motivator! She wants you to succeed! She doesn’t hold the carrot up and tease you with it like I’ve found others to do and then charge you big bucks asking, “Do you want it?” “You gotta pay me thousands of dollars to get it.” Instead, she actually tells you step by step how to get to that carrot and how to take it and eat it to get its nourishment! She’s awesome!!!!

April Dunn

I attended one of Shyra’s workshops and it was very impressive. She develops informative presentations and develops topics with substance. She’s got such a drive and is committed to helping others grow personally and professionally. She has a special way of breaking down information so that it doesn’t seem too overwhelming for those new to entrepreneurship.

Frank Guillory


1301 E. Debbie Lane, Ste. 102-137 Mansfield, Texas 76063


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