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Read some of my own life lessons, get recipes from my kitchen and get helpful tips on personal growth.


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Real life personal stories shared along with helpful resources to assist in getting listeners on the right path to living the life they were created to live. 

4 Week Self Discovery Workshop

Learn how to uncover and bring to the surface those limiting self-beliefs so you can begin to move towards your goals with a renewed sense of confidence and personal power.

Book Shyra

Book Shyra to come speak on your podcast or to your group on topics that touch on personal growth or entrepreneurship.

What This Book Is About

If you’ve always wanted to start your own business but don’t know where to start, this short straight forward book will give you some foundational, fundamental and practical insights on what it actually takes to get there – while you’re still employed. It will help you: shift out of your employee mindset and into an entrepreneur’s mindset; uncover your natural gifts and talents; and give you a few nuts and bolts on the “behind the scenes” work that must be done in order to get your business up and running.

You’ll Discover…

…How to tap into your joy and cultivate passion so it fuels your life.

…Why having goals is not enough unless you have this one driving factor.

…You can actually create a lifestyle around your business.

Who This Book Is For

This book was written with the aspiring entrepreneur in mind; the person who has a burning desire to create a lifestyle beyond the “daily 9-5 grind”. This book will resonate with you if you’re driven to achieve something great in life and know there’s a higher calling for you. We trust you will enjoy it. Thank you for reading.


One-On-One Start-Up

One hour consultation where we discuss the business, the market and obtain details to develop an execution plan for your new business launch.

This session is for those who are seeking to start a new business and who need the abc’s of getting started! We’ll address all involved with business registration, branding and cost effective tools to help get your business up and running. By the end of the session, you’ll not only have a plan but you’ll also be provided with the resources you’ll need to help you succeed!
Duration: 60 mins


Rather than focus on hundreds of personal development and business techniques, this program was designed to nail down the smart steps to overcome obstacles that interfere with the growth and progression of your life and business.

Take Aways:

*Easy Goal Setting Strategies For Exponential Growth
*Techniques To Tackle Limiting Beliefs & Develop Confidence
*Business Set Up Processes That Will Save You Money & Time

 Duration: 90 mins

About Me

Shyra not only operates her own marketing agency , but she has a passion to help aspiring entrepreneurs to get their own businesses up and running.  In her book,  “Don’t Quit Your Day Job… 7 Steps to Discover & Launch Your Passions Into Profits While You’re Still Employed”, Shyra shares some of her very own life lessons experienced in her journey to entrepreneurship.

Her multifaceted skill-set, varied creativeness and business background make her highly sought after. She has a deep passion for inspiring others to self-discover and achieve their greatest potential in life. Overcoming obstacles in her own life, Shyra teaches others that they can obtain the accomplishment of bringing their own dreams to reality just as she did. These obstacles were learning experiences that she used to enhance her arsenal.

She is very professional, explains each step in the progress, opens your eyes to all the possibilities, and gives positive feedback throughout the process. I highly recommend Shyra to anyone that has a new business or for those who have hit a wall in your current business and need expert guidance to make positive improvements to grow your business.
Tiffany Cash


Shyra is an Excellent business person an exceptional Leader and performer. Her Work ethic and professionalism are unmatched and ranked among a chosen few. Her specific attention to detail and creative solutions for her clients will set you up for success. I highly recommend Shyra. In every approach, she proceeds with passion and excellence.
Milton Schmidt

Shyra shows you how to be successful one step at a time. She’s patient and understanding, but at the same time, will hold you accountable for what you are doing. She has a very high work ethic. She has helped, inspired, and guided me with steps to get my business up and running. She is an encourager and a motivator! She doesn’t hold the carrot up and tease you with it like I’ve found others to do and then charge you big bucks asking, “Do you want it?” “You gotta pay me thousands of dollars to get it.” Instead, she actually tells you step by step how to get to that carrot and how to take it and eat it to get its nourishment! She’s awesome!!!
April Dunn

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