Being Inspired in the New Year

Another new year is upon us, and that typically means we make new goals, new promises, and even though we may not tell anyone, we establish new dreams. As an entrepreneur, those ‘resolutions’ we make for ourselves and our businesses are even more important than telling ourselves we’ll cut out sweets, or won’t spend so many hours on the computer, etc. Sometimes, though, we can have the best of intentions, and lack the actual inspiration to get moving.

For that, I have one piece of advice: Give inspirational messages and quotes a try.

The Power of Words

Before you start rolling your eyes and reminiscing over all of the cliche one-liners and silly quotes you’ve seen over the years, meant to motivate and inspire, just consider this for a moment: Motivational quotes continue to be extremely popular for a reason. They work for so many people, because they’re easy to remember and to repeat. Many of them end up becoming mantras. Does that mean they aren’t a little cheesy? Absolutely not. They are meant to be relatable in a way that makes us feel as though we can believe them, and use them.

The key word here is ‘relatable.’ Think about what inspires you in every aspect of your life, and try to find something said that relates to that. One way to get started is to search through the advice and wisdom of someone you really look up to in the business world. There are countless lists filled with powerful inspirational business quotes. But, if you don’t know who said what, or that person isn’t a reflection of you and your business, it won’t matter.

Are you a tech genius? Try searching through Steve Jobs’ advice.

Inventor? Elon Musk has some incredibly interesting things to say.

Building a better, bigger business? Try reading something from Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

Words affect us more than we realize, and often more than we’re willing to admit. But, they have to be motivational and inspirational words that actually mean something to you, from someone who also means something. Motivation and aspiration go hand in hand, and there is no better way to combine them than with the wisdom of someone in your industry that you can trust.

Be Inspired, Be Successful

Think outside the box to start off this year in business, by motivating yourself in any way you can. It never hurts to look at industry leaders, or simply someone you admire, to get started. Inspirational, motivational quotes don’t have to fall into the cliche walls we always seem to put them in. In fact, they can do their job extremely well when we start to take them seriously, and respect the purpose they were meant for.
If you’re ready to be inspired this year, kick it off by finding out what motivates you in the first place. Even the simplest of words by someone you look up to can make a huge difference in getting you started on the right foot.