Take Baby Steps Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Many times, our limited beliefs prevent us from taking steps to advance in life. One way to overcome this is to start taking baby steps outside of your comfort zone. This of course means intentionally becoming uncomfortable.  Fear of the unknown can cause us to settle and never experience the life we were created to live.

When we were younger and in school,  we had a yard stick to measure ourselves by.  Grades!!  We were pushed on a consistent basis to learn more and this learning process seemed to never stop.  Now that we’re done with school, many of us have become complacent, but each of us needs to continue to challenge ourselves to have beneficial adaptation.

As adults, we have to discover ways to help motivate us to get back into striving for more.  The comfort zone allows us to do what’s easy for us and if we hope to do more than just wish for a better way of living or would like to have nicer things, it is up to us to do the work to start obtaining and making our wishes come true.

“If we make an effort to continue to educate ourselves and take baby steps towards doing things we’ve never done before, we will begin to develop the confidence and motivation to strive for and accomplish even more”.

Make a commitment to make a change for the better by taking actionable steps.  Start by making a list of things you’ve always wanted to do or goals you’ve always wanted to accomplish.  Begin to research those things one by one as you begin to take baby steps towards doing them.  Just like in school, when we studied and became more familiar with the content that would be on our next exam, we became more confident and less anxious when testing day arrived.

Conquer your fears by taking the time to become familiar with what’s uncomfortable to you so that you can develop more confidence to BE more and to LIVE more!  After all, don’t you feel it’s time for you to graduate and advance to the new and fulfilled way of living you’ve been dreaming of?  Remember, if we really want things to change, the change really does start with us!

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