The Top Digital Marketing Blogs to Start Reading Today


Different industries operate in different ways, and they each have different goals and operational objectives. As an example, milestones set up to measure how successfully a window treatment company operates will vary drastically from milestones set up to measure the success of a commercial landscape company. Regardless of the industry, one thing we can state with certainty is that virtually every business on the planet requires marketing in some way, shape, or form to be successful. Furthermore, marketing today almost necessarily requires an online or digital arm in order to be most effective.

Social media, big data, and AI(Artificial Intelligence) have enabled marketers to collect and analyze vast troves of data on everything from product perceptions and customer sentiments to business trends and competitor positioning. If you don’t leverage these kinds of analytics and implement a digital marketing strategy that uses them, you may find your business losing out to the competition.

A longstanding problem facing marketers, however, has been how to keep up with the latest trends, tools, and approaches in the field of marketing. This is even more true for digital marketing. Because online marketing moves at such a quick and ongoing pace, we’ve brought together the top digital marketing blogs that you should follow right away so that you can keep up with the competition and implement the right strategy for your company.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s been deliberately made to be encompassing enough to be of use to digital marketers regardless of industry.

  1. The Moz Blog (

This blog specializes in SEO (search engine optimization), the ever-so-tricky backbone of online advertising. It is best known for highly useful “how-to” tutorials, but it also provides a great deal of useful information on everything from optimizing marketing budgets and PPC (pay per click) bids to understanding the intricate underbelly of how SEO, campaigns, industry-specific words, and customer outreach all work together online.

  1. PSFK (

Nothing is a better source of insights for the tech-savvy marketer than hard data and figures to highlight trends and to make predictions about the next big thing in marketing. PSFK provides readers with high-quality downloadable reports, insights about things such as marketing campaigns and industry developments, as well as tech and gadget coverage and regular market-wide forecasts and predictions.

  1. Quick Sprout (

This is a highly regarded blog that provides advice on everything from how to choose a color scheme for your website to how to bid on industry-specific words as part of your SEO strategy. It also tackles more technically involved aspects of digital marketing such as maximizing long-term ROI instead of going for quick but short-lived gains, and how to choose between SEO and PPC. If you are just getting started in the field of online marketing, or if you need a few new ideas to try, this is the blog to go to.

  1. Kissmetrics (

This blog is similar to PSFK, in that it provides deep analytical and testing insights on everything that has anything to do with marketing. Stats, trends, and marketing expert insights are used to develop reports that can be used to better understand the industry you operate in, and the data Kissmetrics provides can also be used to direct decision-making and goal setting at your company.

  1. Vero (

This one is specifically an email-marketing tool, but given the importance of email in everyday business, Vero is definitely something to look into. It describes itself as an event-driven email solution and it comes with a fantastic blog, not to mention great product features and services. Subject-area experts provide you with personalization and marketing strategies for running successful email marketing campaigns, and reading their blog will teach you about creating exclusive clubs of readers, gamifying processes to increase reader engagement, integrating your digital marketing initiatives with social media, and doing all of the above as if it were an art.

There is a lot of valuable content in the digital marketing space, but because new things come up every day, keeping up to date on everything can be a challenge. The blogs listed above will give you a head start on things, and they’ll help you quickly and efficiently navigate the digital marketing landscape, regardless of your starting point. You can even pick and choose from amongst them and settle on the blog that gives you the best and most relevant information related to your line of work.

Have any blogs in mind that you’ve found to be especially useful or insightful? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!